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February 23rd, 2009

another crazy dream – tunnel of vampires

It was new year eve, after work.

Wen and I left the office together like always, heading to the train station. It wasn’t like a normal day, the sky was really dark and people on the streets were in the bars, none of them were sitting outside. We kept walking and reached the tunnel of vampires. In the tunnel of vampires, we’re supposed to stay a distance of 1m from those beings. Wen was so clumsy he didn’t pay attention and he bumped onto one of them. That vampire started sniffing him and before I could do anything, he was bitten to death by a swarm of vampires (the scenario was like bees attacking an animal). I was frightened, I walked backwards, trying to stay as far as I could and I hit something hard…

I turned around and right in front of me is a bloody huge brown vampire king who looks like scorpion king. I forced myself to wake up immediately.

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