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August 29th, 2009

A sponge dress which rots, like a gif animation.

Thank you, work. Because I’ve been doing so much research on trends (for you), I dreamt of fat red lips, runway models, motion blur images, repetitively, never-ending; and even brought the dream to the bus this morning.

I need to break away from work. Can’t wait.

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July 31st, 2007

this is a mixture of math and masked men

The couple held hands while waiting for the lift.
When the door opens, there were 5 men in japanese fox masks. One of them spoke after several seconds of silence.
“If you enter this lift, there’s a probability of 3:5 are killers and they will kill you.”
Annoyed and puzzled at the same time, the couple couldn’t be bothered. They entered the lift and suddenly 3 of those masked men stepped out. For an unknown reason, the couple quickly got out of the lift.

The door closed.

(Picture the couple standing in front of 3 masked men, each holding on to a blue plastic bag. )
” Among these three plastic bags, two of them are weapons. Please pick one.” 
The guy told the girl to step aside as he pointed at the middle bag. The fox men laughed and opened it. In it was a plastic knife; the one kids used to play. Immediately they threw it towards the girl. The girl caught it and threw it back at them. Now the men in fox masks were chasing  them. The couple ran around the entire building and eventually committed suicide by jumping out of windows near the lift.

I saw men crawling out from the floor mat, from the windows and walls.

Did I tell you what I was in this dream?

I was a security camera.

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